Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Book of Days and Moonshine - first spread : SHINE

This year I'm taking Effy Wild's year-long bundle of online art classes : Moonshine and Book of Days 2018. First lesson for the year was released in both classes. This spread is meant to serve as a touchstone or anchor for my year and I'm guided in my decisions by my Word for 2018 which continues to be SHINE. Read about that HERE
I'm continuing to use my altered art journal for my main art lessons this year. I added some collaged papers that I wouldn't mind peeking through
but then when I added paint colours I moved to pink instead of the red. Because I'm doing shine, I decided to make my colours more cohesive with Gold - my favourite is a cheap DecoArt Metallic called "Splendid Gold" from Spotlight - I can usually get this brand on special for around $5 or less so it means I can brayer it on liberally without worrying about the cost ♥ Left page is after gold application, right page is before.
I was just going to use stars as my symbol, but decided I would like to combine the stars with hearts. I coloured sheet music with other metallic paints 
and then used a combination of cut hearts with stenciled and punched stars. 
Added my word - these 2 hearts are on the hinge of a door
I needed some brads and a bit of ribbon as an attachment for the door - happily I had these heart brads and love that means I now have a star with a heart in it
To add some light - I really like my new white Posca for this
A close-up of the scrummy layers
And to finish - the words that make up SHINE (Share, Healthy, Inner Work, Notice, Enjoy) on the main hearts and a few support words in the stars ♥ 
Love using found words for this - large print dictionary was the source this time
Behind the door
Finished spread
You can sign up for this and other classes by Effy Wild HERE. See my Flickr albums including art inspired by Effy, featuring my word of the year, and other art from my altered art journal HERE


  1. And you continue to shine, indeed! I haven't chosen a new word yet either. There is no such rule that says we have to choose a new word every year, right? If the old one serves you well, go with it! My word from last year has proved to be right as my life has 'evolved' throughout the year and continues to do so. I might choose a new word later in the year. Love all the layers and colours in your spread. May your 2018 shine at least as as bright as 2017!

  2. You are so sweet - thank you ♥ Feeling really excited about another year and continuing with SHINE. Look forward to sharing lots of creative happiness with you.


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