Saturday, February 27, 2016

DLP : "Add a Gratitude" and Loving yourself

This past week's challenge from Documented Life began with a pocket art card (PAC) prompt : "Add a gratitude", and included another ListTEN prompt. I was inspired by their guest Lois Stoneking who did a cover and put her list inside
I began with an old gift card holder
Check out Lorraine Bell's free tutorial on decorating covers for gift cards HERE which I watched again before I started. Her video inspired me to do some stamping on some under paper before I started. 
Then I set to adding layers of paint and stamping, and my dictionary definition of "Gratitude". This is my PAC for the week.
You can see I did use some of the original stamping on the green background- cut out and added to various places. It becomes more than an ordinary PAC once opened :
The ListTEN was supposed to be "things I should never have done" and many approached this light-heartedly (platform shoes, heavy eyeliner). However, I don't believe in looking back : 
I've been thinking a lot lately about loving yourself, giving yourself credit for what you do well, self-compassion, being kind to yourself and exploring ways of thinking that encourage personal growth. So I decided to continue the gratitude theme, and list 10 things I love about me! I had a few issues with finding a background light enough to print on. As I was going through my papers, I saw some old calendars and inspiration struck. I trimmed the calendar to A4 to fit through my printer, printed a test list so I knew it would print in the right place, and was very happy with how it turned out. I will need to use these more often :-)
I trimmed and glued my list to some painted card, then edge stitched it and added some sari ribbon to finish
This is the back
And here it is within my "Pocket Art Card" holder
This will of course feature in a later post when I've completed my next spread in my daily art journal. You can find out more about DLP 2016 the unPlanner HERE
If you want to explore the Self-love idea further, you might enjoy this blog post of links by Hanna called  Self-Love & Self-Compassion | Inspiration en masse and check out Tam's YouTube series called Self Love TV.


  1. Beautiful and uncommon. I love all the thought and process that goes into these creations. Mixed media is a celebration of layers and I feel like the process, the thinking and gifting of meaning is one more layer of the product. Very special. Very special, indeed.

  2. Those are the two things I am working on lately :) loving myself and gratitude :) thanks for the reminder

  3. Hi Lynda - your comment is so thoughtful and uplifted me today. Thank you :-)

  4. Lynette, You are so welcome. I always enjoy having a look-see at your blog. Thinking it should be high on my priority list as I always feel inspired by your creations.

  5. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful work! I love your List 10: the look and your words. You inspire me! :)

  6. Yay - thanks Anna & Clemencia. I share to inspire - good to hear :-)

  7. Great artwork, and I totally LOVE the quote about not looking back. Thank you so much for sharing <3 Have a nice day xxx Tessa

  8. Love the pocket card and the matching tag! Especially the stitching (again)! What a great idea to print on the calendar page! I would struggle to find 10 things that I like about myself, but you made me think about it!

  9. Zsuzsa - Keep thinking - I only know you online and without even thinking hard I hope you love your Creativity, You are a good friend, You are encouraging, and You are determined! Now you go.... ;-)

  10. Tessa - I think of that quote often. Thanks for commenting :-)

  11. Awww, you're so kind Lynette. Well, ok, 5) I like animals and 6) I smile a lot. I'll try to think of another four!


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