Sunday, February 2, 2014

Watercolour Journal Cover

As I showed you in my last post, I have started my next calendar journal on a pad of watercolour paper.
The only problem with using this is the glossy paper front which isn't going to be any good as a cover. Problem easily solved because this pad is spiral bound and I have options!
Step 1 : Take a piece of Pelmet Vilene and paint or spray it as desired. I'd created this piece last year with ink sprays and stencils just for fun, and it was waiting for the perfect project
I like the sparkle where I added glitter to the heart and leaves
and the inks I used bled through to the back which are a lovely effect for inside a book cover
Step 2 : Bend the teeth of the spirals out enough so that you can remove the covers
Step 3 : trim down the Pelmet Vilene to size (I trimmed it so 1/4 inch bigger than page measurement so will only be about 1/8 inch bigger all around) then clip the paper cover to the Pelmet Vilene and using that as a guide, use a stiletto to pierce holes in the Pelmet Vilene.
Step 4 : Thread the new Pelmet Vilene cover over the open teeth, and then the Cardboard for the back cover. Squeeze spiral binding together and you have a completed journal.  

Completed front cover
Inside front cover

Inside back cover spiral all back together
Really happy with the look and feel of this.


  1. Very beautiful artwork. Now I'm inspired to try stenciling (using what looks like packing mesh).

  2. This is beautiful. I really love it. I love to stencil and to try new textures it make art work so interesting.


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