Saturday, August 31, 2013

10 minutes a day : 7

A reminder of where we left the page yesterday.
Obviously needing more work on that right hand side.
SET THE TIMER :: Kelly loves using pens in her work, and I started by adding some green with a Sakura gel pen to the pohutukawa flower image.
This inspired me to introduce some more colour when I added the paper and sticker tape to the right-hand side (below). Next I looked at the page wondering what to do next. I was thinking how much I love that background paper and didn't want to cover more of it, so was inspired (again a Kelly idea) to highlight some of the elements with colour. Started using the glaze pens when TIMER STOP. This is the page at that point - I couldn't leave it there.
Continued to add green and blue to the background, and the blue ended up on the Pohutukawa flower as well - I love the look.
The glaze pens have a lovely transparent feel, so I was able to add my journaling as well, and still have the effect of the lovely paper behind. 
All the pen work took less than 10 minutes and this page was finished.
As I explained when I did my post about micro-movements last year, a couple of things happen when you try & do "a little and often" :: just 10 minutes a day working in your art journal adds up to more than 1 hour in a week....The other thing that happened was that because I told myself I only had to work for 10 minutes, often I'd be sucked into journaling for longer. Once you light the flame, it's going - so it's a really good thing to try if you're in a creative slump. Just keep showing up, and art will eventually happen. How great is that?
These are the other pages that I completed this week  - look back through this week's posts for details of what I did.
Hopefully I've now got 10 minutes a day for art journaling established as a habit. Will continue to share my pages as I complete them.
Looking forward to welcoming September and the first day of Spring tomorrow. Hoping you find 10 minutes today to start creating.

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My Creative Life said...

Lynette I love the way you mix different patterns, it all fits so perfect together. Wish you a lovely sunday.

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