Saturday, March 23, 2013

Still listing

Not great art, but these pages capture my responses to the prompts of 30 days of lists.
List 16 : this month's soundtrack
List 17 : my bio would include tales of
List 18 : so far this year, I ...
List 19 : in the next year, I will ...
List 20 : i do not regret
List 21 : today's weather reminds me of
List 22 : roadtrip playlist
Only 1 more week of lists

1 comment:

Jenny said...

I really like your "do not regret" list and could have almost used it as my own! (I just need to buy those red boots!) What a great list to make. I think I will do that for myself. It is so easy to focus on the regrets instead of the "do not regrets!"
I also noticed "spend less $ on art supplies and use what you have." Hmmm... that one spoke to me as well!

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