Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ornament play day

Had to have a play day with some lovely friends to finish the year.
We made sweet little ornaments with 2"x2" glass slides
The edges are taped, not soldered. This YouTube tutorial is similar to what we did but we used silver scotch tape and copper slug tape for the edges.
I only made 5 but they are double-sided - below are the other sides (click on photos to see larger, altho the 2nd is a little blurry)
They are then wrapped with wire and have small attachments for hanging on the tree. But I am tempted to make some into necklaces.
More Christmassy goodness : Joanne Sharpe has a FREE artsy holiday class Five Golden Letterings - open now.


  1. It was a fun day....and lovely to see the photo of your sweet ornaments on your tree!

  2. Very cute! I had never heard of these.

  3. Beautiful! I think they'd make great necklaces too!


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