Saturday, September 29, 2012

Creating a book a month : September Boogie

Yay - I've completed my first journal from Mary Ann Moss's wonderful Full Tilt Boogie class.
Shared my first steps here. This journal has an exposed sewn-on-tapes binding. I loved making the fabric tabs with a mix of the bargain upholstery fabric I found at the arts recycling centre and sari ribbon.
Lots of learning with this book. My first attempt at the binding was made with silk filament yarn which I coloured myself. Pretty, but it was stretching as you can see below.
Very disappointing because I have used this yarn before for binding a journal with no problems. Had to use Bakers twine instead which seemed to work fine, but I am off to try & find a source for proper 4ply waxed linen bookbinding thread for the next one.
The pages inside are a lovely mix of recycled book pages (from library booksales), scrapbook papers, sheet music, and other old papers.
More learning here though - I have lovely old sheet music and book papers that I lifted straight from the original book by snipping the original thread.
This cover is another candidate for a journal :-)
Next time I need to reinforce these centres with tape so they don't tear when I attach them in my own journal...all sorted in the end. Here are some of the inside spreads
Looking forward to journalling in this one...
Back cover
And now I can start my next boogie - I think I can make 5 different journals from the instructions for this class - highly recommended.
See you next month :-)


  1. Nice job Lynette!! Have fun filling it :)

  2. Beautiful work Jenny.
    have a nice weekend and lovely greet

  3. Love your book and the way you've done the spine!
    Upholstery fabrics are best as they're so strong.
    Love your sari ribbon too - did you source it in NZ? I'm doing another on-line book class too and would like some to use in mine!

  4. Wow, I'm impressed. I haven't tried anything like this . . . yet. <;)>

  5. Beautiful book! Am so glad you inspired me to join Full Tilt Boogie as well, so that I can also join in the fun!
    I've used perle cotton for some book bindings and found that worked well.

  6. beautiful book! i love the cover, especially the paper with the roses on it.

  7. Love your journal Lynette, so wonderful and love your pages too, especially those from a book with pictures.

  8. Lovely journal. I like the idea of using the Baker's Twine as it is colourful. Why don't you try running the threads through a lump of bees wax to wax it yourself? Over here in the UK it seems to be quite hard to get proper linen threads for bookbinding and they are expensive, but I find that running other threads through beeswax strengthens it and makes it easier to use.

  9. Love your journal, aren't her courses just the best, I did her ROD last year, I loved it, so easy going and a mine of info! Mx

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the tapes you made for the binding. Beautiful.

  11. Looks really great Lynette, I have done mine but not photographed as yet. You can get the waxed linen thread from Volcano Art in USA, expensive but does go a long way if you can share with some friends it helps. Beautiful to work with.


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