Friday, August 31, 2012

Useful resources

Thought you might like to see some of the resources that helped me with my quilt challenge. I'll be able to show my quilt entry to you next Friday.
Don't forget to check your library for wonderful inspiration. Our library has a great selection of design source books with copyright-free motifs. These are a couple of my recent favourites ::
Sneak peek inside via Amazon here
Especially like the CD's included for easy printing of designs
I have owned this for some time
Sneak peek inside via Amazon here
You might remember this quilt which I created from a pattern of hers
I've used fusible applique for my challenge quilt and it was helpful to review Robbi's techniques again.
However, because I didn't want to spend extra time reversing my pattern to trace on the fusible, I simply traced the pattern pieces onto freezer paper and ironed that on the right side of my fabric.
I ironed the blank fusible to the wrong side of my fabric. When you cut the pattern from the top, you get the correct image orientation that you've traced.
You can also use this method to get the mirror image of something without re-drawing your pattern - just pull the freezer paper off the top, and re-iron it to the fusible on the wrong side to get the reverse effect of the above.
Coming up with machine quilting designs can sometimes be a challenge - when I get stuck, I always look to Leah Day's wonderful site of inspirational quilting designs. You can search by difficulty level, design shape, or themes.
You might love hand applique - if so make sure you've checked out the great free video lessons in Hand Applique from Piece O' Cake designs.
Hope you're getting some creative time. See you next Friday with photos of my challenge quilt.


Caatje said...

Please stop tempting me with all your pretty books! ;-)

Margaret said...

Your books look so inspiring!
Looking forward to next week! Happy stitching! Mx

bohemiannie! art said...

Great looking books and quilts! Leah Day's site is one I've found recently. Love it!

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