Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Creating a book a month : July

Using my papers from my previous post and instructions from the Letter Love course, I've created a taped journal...
Above is the front cover - I glued 2 pages together so the cover is a little sturdier
All the pages are taped in
No stitching...Various washi, decorative and duct tapes used
I love all the different size pages
And that butterfly stencil
I wonder how the pages will change once I start using it....visit me again tomorrow for a giveaway!


Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Lynette this is so great. What a beautiful and wonderful work. Love it. And maybe I will try to make a book when I see this marvelous art work.
Lovely greet

Lynne said...

Great book, Lynette. Just been checking out your archive and look who I found...my old friend Yvonne Brown! Yvonne and I were both members of Anglia Textile Works, til I left a few years ago. You're right, she is a very talented lady, and by far the most professional and artistic member of the group when I was a member...though there are other very talented women in ATW .
Fancy reading about her in a New Zealander's blog! I'm amazed!

Caatje said...

I love what you do with spraypaints. I can't really get a grip on them myself. The pages in this book look gorgeous.

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