Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Word for 2012

I like the idea of having a word for the year.
An intent.
A way to focus and approach the year.
I've had a word for a couple of years now.
Last year it was "Present" - as in 'be present' - listen - really pay attention to what or who is in front of you.
In 2010 it was "gratitude" - I was so tied up in what I should be doing - what wasn't getting done - that I needed to remind myself of everything that was good - what I was grateful for.
I got the idea from Christine Kane - read her post from 2009 : Shout out your word and then here for her posts about Word-of-the-Year which include possible words you could use and guest posts from people who had a word and what it has meant.
It's about intention  (Christine Kane again)
....I've chosen these words for 2012 ::  
Approach life with a lighter touch...
don't sweat the small stuff...
be lighter in my approach with the kids
- let more stuff slide and enjoy the ride...
losing a few kilos would be great...
don't be so hard on myself with what needs to be achieved...
and hopefully I can be present with gratitude to help me on the way.
The idea of "One Little Word" has evolved into a year long class led by Ali Edwards...still considering whether I want to pursue that - this post from Jamie : jmp girl might help you decide if it's for you.
What's your word?

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