Saturday, June 18, 2011

New tools

In my last post about my birthday I mentioned I got tools for creativity. My lovely friend Katherine gave me a beautiful parcel - forgot to take a photo of it wrapped, but this is the paper which will no doubt find its way into a project in the future :-) and inside, this beautiful apron. I LOVE butterflies - so this is gorgeous. Hoping I will be brave enough to wear it when I am creating - I certainly feel inspired by it. When my Dad saw that I made this in the celtic cut workshop with a soldering iron, he offered to buy me one of my own. He wanted me to get exactly what I wanted, so I've actually ended up with one of these. I am so spoilt. The tapered point cuts through sheers like butter. There are lots of other very cool tips for transfering and embossing, so I will share more as I get time to play with them. And at last I own an embroidery hoop, so using my new tools, 2 layers of organza, and instructions from the Holey Moley workshop I have been able to create this lovely flower.It's about 8cm across and I have alternated the colour of organza showing for each layer.

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